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ComicButler was created for one single reason - Time saving.  Our Team will send you the best deals for Comics on eBay which conveniently end within 24 hours. 

We will send you Graded and non- Graded Comics. Our categories will allow you to pick what price range you like. We have a dollar- Corner with Comics below 100$ and we also have the most interesting higher priced Deals aswell.

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I never thought that I could love an Email Newsletter this much. You saved me a lot of time which I can now use to actually read my Comics ❣️

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Is ComicButler free?

Yup! Signing up for ComicButler is free forever! You’ll receive the best auctions to your inbox for as long as you like!

Why is ComicButler free?

We can offer you our service for free because we are using affiliate links in our emails. Every time you buy something through our service, we get a small commission. The best thing is, that you wont pay anything on top of the normal eBay price.

What Comics do you look for?

All of them! Our team spends the whole day discovering the best Comic deals on Ebay. From the golden age to the modern age.

Ive signed up but I dont receive any Emails - Why?

The best way to make sure you receive the emails is by adding our email address ( to your address book. Do that first, and then check if they’re hiding in your spam folder. If there’s still no sign, email us at and we’ll sort it out together.

How many Emails will I receive?

It depends on how many auctions we can find for that day. Expect at least 4 emails a week. 

I just bought a Comic with your help, how can I thank you?

Thrilled to be of help! If you are enjoying the emails, we would love for you to share ComicButler with your friends.